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Hailiang Education distributes in eastern Zhejiang, "Ninghai Public School" project is officially signed
On December 6, Hailiang Group held a project signing ceremony with Ninghai County. At the signing ceremony, Hailiang Ninghai Public School Project was officially signed, and Hailiang International Kangyang Town Project signed a cooperation framework agreement. Hailiang "Ninghai Public School" is located in Ninghai County, Xi'an, accounting for ...
The founding meeting of Hailiang Education Management Group's Returned Overseas Chinese Federation was successfully held
In order to better serve overseas Chinese, relatives and returnees studying abroad, and make Hailiang education contributions to the cause of overseas Chinese affairs, we attach great importance to and make full efforts in Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation, Shaoxing Overseas Chinese Federation, Zhuji Municipal Party Committee, Zhuji United Front Work Department, Zhuji Overseas Chinese Federation With support and careful guidance ...
Good news: 2019 Zhejiang Agricultural Expo Mingkanghui won another gold award!
From November 22nd to 26th, Zhejiang Agricultural Expo 2019 was held in Zhejiang New Nongnong Metropolitan Exhibition Center and Hangzhou Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center. A total of 13,000 products from more than 1,600 companies participated in the exhibition. In the selection of high-quality products at this year's agricultural expo, Mingkanghui brand pork and flower ...
Hailiang's 30-year series of 30 people reports | "Small" as a "Big" contribution
"Small" as a "big" contribution Zhao Weizhong is an old employee of Hailiang Co., Ltd., and has quietly dedicated to his post for more than 20 years. He is humble and down-to-earth. What's even more valuable is that no matter what department or colleague needs help ...
Hailiang's 30-year 30-person series report | Being a gardener on a hot land
As a gardener in a hot place in another country, in 1985, Xie Jin, a 19-year-old graduated from the university, and since then, he has been working in a three-footed pulpit for 34 years. Gao Yekang's Sanqin land came to Zhuji this scenery ...
Hailiang Group was selected as the first batch of "Eagle Action" cultivation enterprises in Zhejiang Province
On November 29, the Zhejiang Provincial Leading Group for Industrial Transformation and Upgrade released the "Notice on Promulgating the List of the First Batch of" Eagle Action "Cultivation Enterprises", and Hailiang Group was selected. The list of the first batch of "Eagle Action" fostering enterprises in Zhejiang Province (partial) back in January this year, ...
Hailiang's 30-year 30-person series report | "No excuses" to execute
"No excuses" to implement "No excuses" is the most important code of conduct pursued by the US West Point Military Academy. Its core is a spirit of responsibility, dedication, obedience, honesty, and perfect execution. ...
Hailiang Education was listed in the "Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Value in China 2019" list and won the "2019 Innovation Leadership Award"
Recently, Hailiang Education has been listed in the "Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Value of China in 2019" list jointly issued by the international authoritative financial magazines "Balun" China, "Finance" and Tiger Securities, and won the 2019 China Finance Summit Winter Forum Cum 2019 global ...
Hailiang shares first issue convertible corporate bonds
On November 26, Hailiang successfully completed the issuance of 3.15 billion yuan of convertible corporate bonds. The limited placing amount of the original shareholders of the issuance was 2,030 million yuan, accounting for 64.45% of the total amount of the issuance; the online subscription amount was 261 million yuan, and the offline subscription amount was 856 million yuan; ...
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